Monday, December 02, 2013

9 Years...

date night in Ohio, didn't take any picture last night!
Our official anniversary isn't until December 19, but with the holidays, the unknown arrival of our third little one, and the offer of free babysitting- we decided to celebrate early!  It was the first time in a long time we actually took the time to do dinner AND a movie!  This man is such a gift to me!

Counting the ways ...
  • he steadies me.
  • he makes me laugh
  • he delights in me
  • he takes care of the details
  • he is a good dad
  • he plays the guitar
  • he isn't too tall
  • he loves Jesus 
  • he leads our family well
  • he cooks a mean breakfast sandwich
  • he has a heart for Africa
  • he does most of the driving
  • he does laundry
  • he gets excited about Christmas lights
  • ...and so much more...I am one blessed woman!

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