Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Raising Up Daniels

I'm joining Titus Women for their Autumn Harvest Challenge.  We are focusing on prayer like Daniel- pausing to pray 3 times a day, and reading selected Psalms and Scriptures daily.  

Today in Psalm 10 we read about the wicked and evil men who prey on the weak and helpless.  There are so many corrupt leaders and politicians around the world!  They are doing as they please and prospering while the people they were chosen to serve suffer in poverty.  But God sees! How my heart aches for all the small people in the world oppressed by wicked leaders.

And, praise the Lord, in Daniel 6 we read that God can put His man (or woman) in high places of authority and accomplish His purposes even when corrupt leaders try to thwart Him.  We are here in Uganda working with university students that we are praying will be Daniels {and Esthers} in the coming generation!  We are discipling and training the 1% of men and women in Africa who get a university degree and will, by default, become the next leaders of their communities, families, and perhaps, countries!  

Even as I pray against corrupt leaders around the globe, and beg the Lord to ARISE, I am seeing Him answer as we hear about alumni from our ministry in places of authority!  May the men and women from the University Discipleship Movement be like Daniel: excellent and faithful in all things, who will not bow to idols and who will do what is right even when it's not popular or convenient.  

Praise the living God  who endures forever, whose kingdom will not be destroyed and whose dominion will never end!

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