Friday, November 07, 2014

Solo Mama Survival Planner {free printable}

We shared this quote HERE years ago- but it is relevant now as Josh is traveling more often for ministry.  Pray with us while he is away- here is why:
"But why was this frustration of sickness allowed?  One cannot always discern the reason for these things, but two are plain to us: (1) We learned that when one member of the party was thrusting out into Satan's territory, it was also necessary to put a prayer guard over those who stayed at home.  We were all praying for John and his party as they pressed into the demon-plagues territory of Goomoo.  Those prayers cleared the party's way (they were much blessed there) so Satan, in furious spite, struck at the unprotected home base.  Both those who go down to battle and those who stay by the stuff need prayer-coverage.  We have never forgotten this lesson." -Isobel Kuhn, In the Arena 

Pray for me and our kids, and Lillian as our men thrust out into Satan's territory.  If you will stand guard over these who stay home- please leave a comment!

One of the precious reasons I stay home :)
And as I stay home I've got plans in place to stay well!  If you're a mama who finds herself home while your husband travels- I pray that this little planner will help you stay well!

Download Solo Mama Survival Planner HERE 

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