Friday, January 22, 2016

Stay at Home Mom?

They are chatting about "Home" over at Velvet Ashes this week. If you know anything about me, you know it's one of my favorite topics. I love decorating my home. I love opening up my home. I enjoy being home. I feed people at my home. I'm a stay-at-home-mom. It's my sweet spot. But even as I type those words... I feel that familiar whisper... that Holy Spirit nudge... "do you really stay at home? when you're there are you present?"

I've felt that conviction since November when I felt Him leading me to my one word for 2016. It's been an intense season for our family with two big boys (9 year old and 7 year old) and two little girls (2 year old and 6 month old currently), a hefty job title for my husband, and financial stress. And I must admit that while I was "staying at home" I was often pretty absent. Facebook can be a lifeline to our family and prayer supporters, but it can also be an escape route from the daily drudgery.

And so He asks me to "lean in". Lean into His presence- cry out for help, enjoy Him, join Him. Lean into this moment- stay present. Lean into the pain- don't run away or escape. Lean into authentic relationships- really engage real people face to face.

Maybe you're in a hard season- lean in. He will carry you through. Maybe you're a stay-at-home-mom who needs to lean in to her daily tasks with gusto and love her sweet babes fiercely. Maybe you see everyone's amazing lives on Facebook and wonder why you feel so lonely- lean in to one relationship in your real life and make that one person feel incredible.

I've got more thoughts and images on this one word (that's actually two, apparently I can't follow rules)... stay tuned. He is doing something very cool in my heart and I hope my story encourages you.


  1. Hey Kelly, I hope you link up your second post on Home at Velvet Ashes, too. This is great food for thought, and I love your admonition to "lean in" and be present!

  2. Kelly, I totally relate to being at home and using different things to escape the drudgery. Ever since God called me to homeschool my boys last year (they are 9, 7, and 5), I've struggled with getting "my" stuff done and being present with them, now that I can't escape them! Glad God is doing things in your heart- mine too, and I look forward to reading more!

  3. it's so true that we can be home and still not be present. Thank you for the reminder to "lean into the moment" and be present.

  4. love your "two word" for 2016! Lean in... perfect!


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