Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Holding out...

a little longer... while we are impatiently awaiting our new baby, we are somewhat selfishly hoping he will wait until after Thanksgiving (though secretly, I think it would be so amazingly memorable to go into labor at Thanksgiving dinner!). Although my due date is still 15 days away, I am guessing our little guy will be impatient like me and his dad- and show up early. Early is definitely one of Josh's character traits- quite the timely fellow- so maybe our little boy will follow in his dads footprints! I got my haircut in anticipation of his arrival- definitely needed a no-fuss hair-do!

Sadly, I have not spent as much time readying my heart for his arrival, as I have in readying our home and my body. So that is the first order of business as soon as this blog is published. Time for some QT with Jesus.

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