Monday, December 04, 2006

Caleb Dustin is here!!

Caleb Dustin Hallahan entered the world on Nov. 30, 2006- 1:02am. I started having contractions Wed morning- did lots of nesting- even baked cookies! I knew I had an appointment with my midwife at 3:45 that afternoon- so I figured nothing would happen before then. I had some lunch, took a nap, and got a shower and then we headed to the midwife's. I was immediately hooked up to a monitor- and they said my contractions looked good, then she checked to see how dilated I was... I was already at 5 cm! So we went home had some dinner, packed the car and headed to the hospital. No one could believe how calm we were- but the contractions (while they were obviously effective), just didn't really hurt. We arrived at the hospital at 7:30pm.

Things started getting harder around 10pm at which time I asked if I could use the bathroom... the nurse said she would check me first, she informed me that I was already at 9cm! And the midwife hadn't arrived yet!!! So I labored on the birth ball while Josh and my mom rubbed my back and stroked my hair through each contraction. I was so relaxed at this point- which was a good thing. My midwife arrived and by then things were getting intense. I got on the bed and just tried to breathe and focus- Josh was great! He just laid on the bed beside me, rubbed my back and kept encouraging me. By midnight my midwife broke my water, which increased the contractions, and my midwife helped me stretch while he crowned (definitely the worst part)- and then I pushed for ten minutes and Caleb came into the world at 1:02am. He was quite blue at first- but they were able to pink him right up. It was the longest minute of my life. But now he is here and a healthy, yet tiny 6lbs 10oz.

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