Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Our nursery is finally ready! Nothing like waiting til the last minute, but I guess three weeks to spare isn't so last minute. But a due date, is just that a guess, and estimate- who knows when this little guy will decide to make his appearance! And my midwife told me that I am already 2-3 cm dilated (at 10cm you are allowed to push). I haven't had any real contractions, so I'm not expecting him this week, but it is a relief to know there has been some progress, and he is on his way into the world!
It has been amazing to watch my body expand and grow to house this tiny wonder! I am astounded as I consider the works of God's hands, that He would choose Josh and me to raise up a child for His fame and for His glory. Who are we? We are willing. We are His. We are abiding in Him. I guess that's all He requires. I know this new chapter of our lives will be the hardest so far- yet I am so excited to turn the page!

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