Friday, December 08, 2006

Sweet Dreams...

I love the look of sweet dreams, as a smile plays on Caleb's tiny lips. The wonder of God's handiwork astounds me daily! While the nights are sometimes long- and the forever-ness of motherhood threatens to overwhelm me at times- it is sheer joy to know he is ours. God has answered our prayers thus far- He has been so faithful- and we know that He will continue to sustain us. And when things get hard- all we have to do is look at him- and see God's reflection in the face of our tiny little bundle of blessing named Caleb.


  1. KELLY!!! we've been away so i haven't been checking email...SO sorry! CONGRATULATIONS!!! He is gorgeous!! ANd i love the name!! I'm SO happy for you guys, and hopefully I can come visit sometime in the near future - I'll be in touch - God bless! love susanna

  2. Hi Josh and Kelly,
    Congratulations! He is BEAUTIFUL! And the name is perfect. How honoring. Trusting you will have a great first Christmas together.
    Steph Hogan


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