Saturday, February 17, 2007

Sweet Saturday Morning

I love how the morning light is caught in Caleb's eyes... he is in that sweet, just woke up, glowing mood. I wish I could accurately capture this moment on film... it's so precious to snuggle up next to him, look into his bright eyes and feel like we are the only two people awake in the whole world. He has grown so alert these days- and his eyelashes have grown a mile over the past week! They are gorgeous! He has begun sleeping longer at night! Four nights in a row he has eaten at 7pm, eaten again at 8pm, and then slept until 1am! It is wonderful.

The church is all-a-flutter with activity today. Praise team is practicing... some ladies are making soup for the Beth Moore Simulcast... Taylor Hall is being decorated for our Coffee House tonight... I love it. There is life here at Trinity! It feels like we are really being the church- opening our doors, doing ministry! We are on the precipice of great things... if only we will allow God to do all that He longs to do!

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  1. Caleb has your cool, sparkling eyes. What a blessing! Are you at the same church?


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