Monday, April 09, 2007

Breathing new life in me...

"Is there not a time of hard service for man on earth? Are not his days also like the days of a hired man? Like a servant who earnestly desires the shade..." -Job 7:1-2

I needed a break... an oasis in the midst of the desert. I earnestly desired an afternoon to lounge in the shade to do anything I wished, or nothing at all, perhaps sit at Jesus' feet...because being a mom is exhausting! Saturday I gave Josh a sleep in day... and today he returned the favor.

I woke up early to feed Caleb, and then couldn't fall back to sleep (which was God's invitation to spend time with Him uninterrupted). I love how God knows exactly what we need... I thought I needed more sleep. He knew I needed more of Him. And today I read a verse that confirmed His commands to me: "to love the Lord your God, to walk in all His ways, and to hold fast to Him." -Deut. 11:22

It is my perpetual struggle (not unlike the Israelites') to love and obey God in my own strength until I become so weary that I cannot continue- then I return to Him- then I become self-confident and return to my own strength- and so on and so forth. Round and round I go...trusting in myself, failing, turning to God, feeling confident, trusting myself, failing, turning to God...ugh! I laugh at the Israelites for being so stiff-necked, and here I am doing the same thing!

It is my prayer that we would abide in God's love and power consistently- and that you and I would recognize our utter dependence on Him daily! I am so grateful for the new life and power He has resurrected in me this Easter weekend!

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