Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Up in the air...

Ever feel that every aspect of your life is in flux? There is nowhere I can turn where things are stable and comfortable. Everything is up in the air. I'm on the edge of a cliff... and the view is exhilarating... and scary...

I don't know what's going on at church... we are in the process of announcing our vision (again) to the leaders, and I wonder if it will even matter. Do they care where God is leading us? How are they going to step up and actually take it to the next level? Or do we as the Ministry Team have to pump all the life into the church ourselves? I know that's very proud and egotistical... but really, should 6 people be doing the majority of the planning for the church? I know it's only by the grace and power of God that Trinity is still existing- but what should we be expecting from our congregation? From our leaders? From ourselves as the Ministry Team? I don't know exactly what we're asking of the leadership... but we need some sign that they are on board with where we feel like God is leading us. Who knows what will happen after that.

Things at work are rough as usual. We're financially strained, due to low enrollment, and therefore had to cut a lot of staff hours. Obviously people aren't happy about that- I don't like that my paycheck is smaller either (but it's my choice for working 30 hours instead of 40). So anyway, lot's of people are talking. So who knows what will happen there.

I've had two dreams about Billy and Joanna Coppedge in the past month, and after the second dream, I woke up and for the first time since I came home from Uganda (Fall 2003), missing Africa outweighed the sadness of leaving family and friends. Now that is HUGE! And there have been other random "Africa" moments when I'll feel a heart-tug in that direction. Got an e-mail from Lisa Mayo the other day saying that Heritage is looking into expanding their program to a 2 year old room (the youngest they currently go is 3 years old). And ironically, or God-like, I have been researching infant-toddler programs at TLC as well this year. So my interest and knowledge base in that area has vastly increased in the past two months! And the other big need is for a Youth pastor for the MK's at Heritage and someone to help with the Youth work that is going on among the Ugandans. Little did I know, but Lisa Fish who currently works with the youth in Uganda, is on Homeland Mission Assignment... and she was speaking at Clarksboro EUM last night (about 20 min away from my house!). So I went to see her. Wow, her pictures just caused the longing in my heart to grow exponentially! So since Josh had to lead Youth Group that night, she is coming to our house to meet him this Wednesday for lunch. So who knows what will happen there!

I feel like a butterfly with all the change brewing in the air... but when do I get to curl up in a cocoon for a few weeks? Ugh, just typing about all this exhausts me! But I know God will be faithful to open and close doors as He sees fit. I'm clinging tightly to His hand as we journey forward.

A very prophetic picture of a sweet moment in a corn maze just the other day!

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