Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Sorry for the silence...

I have a confession. When I am silent on my blog for months on end... it's usually because I have a secret I can't share with the blogosphere! I feel like I can't be honest with you, and so I just can't share anything! I believe the whole world knows now... and so I can start blogging again: we are expecting our 2nd child on July 19! We are so excited and grateful that God would entrust another little one to our care! And it is an unexpected answer to prayer: I've been praying since Caleb was born that God would provide a way for me to be a stay at home mom... and now I will be forced to stay home. Josh cannot stay home with two little ones and get any work done! We aren't quite sure how God will make ends meet financially- but we trust Him to do so!

Thanks for all your prayers for my friend Tricia... so far so good... still a long road ahead- but God has been sweetly faithful as always! Nathan's blog is in the previous post! Check it out!

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  1. Hey Kelly! Congratulations! We are praying for you guys and this precious little life inside you! WE wish you all the best! If you need any tips on making ends meet we are the king and queen! But believe me the time at home is so precious and i know you will enjoy every second of it! If you would like I would like to try to correspond more, let me know if that would be cool! My email is Aspenbergfam@gmail.com! Thanks congrats again! in him,


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