Sunday, February 03, 2008

"Stuck" at home :)

Just wanted to share about how blessed I am that God knows exactly what we need, when we need it! I was looking ahead to this weekend with some excitement as we were planning to attend a parenting seminar. But Caleb got another cold- and so we were stuck at home.

By "stuck at home", I mean, we were happily forced to hang out as a family all weekend long! It was delightful! I had a stressful week at work, and this pregnancy is making me very emotional and very physically weary- and I just needed some mama-caleb time- and some me and Josh time! God knew. He is so good to us!

And now Caleb is napping and I had some qt with Jesus- I've missed Him lately! It was good to catch up!

This picture totally makes my heart smile- Caleb has no idea he is hugging his new little brother or sister- but its still so sweet! Can't wait until March when we can find out if the new baby is a boy or girl! We will keep you posted!

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