Sunday, June 08, 2008

Home at Last :)

I am finally a stay at home mom! It is just amazing to see how God has heard and answered my prayers and satisfied the desires of my heart! Ever since Caleb was born I have longed to stay home full time. But it wasn't until we discovered we were pregnant again (due July 19) that we were actually able to make the commitment for me to stay home. I am fully aware that staying at home will not be perfect- I know there will be days when I delude myself and wish I were back at work- I know that I won't mother perfectly- I know Caleb will have cranky days- I know that when Caleb's brother arrives I will be operating a household on zero sleep- I know that finances will be tight (and that is an understatement!)...

But I also know that there is no job I would rather have than to pour my heart and soul into my children- I know that we will have crazy wonderful days- I know that I will not miss any important milestones in my children's lives- I know that we will be able to observe the Sabbath every Monday as a family- I know that I will be able to bless Josh by keeping our home running in an orderly fashion- I know I will be able to read stories with my kids and make creative crafts to proudly display around our home- I know I will get to know my children personally, and discipline them consistently according to their God given strengths and weaknesses to grow them into men who love and serve God- I know that we will bring glory to God as we trust Him to provide.

The pros far outweigh the cons!

This past week was my first week at home- Caleb and I made muffins- and in the picture above you can see him "helping" me clean up. Basically he sat in the sink and "washed dishes" for the 30 minutes it took for the muffins to bake :) Such a fun day! We went to the grocery store and saved $45 on our bill by shopping the sales! We listened to "Limbo Rock" 752 times! We organized and de-cluttered our office bookshelves. We read stories- we took naps- we danced a lot- we did silly things and laughed at ourselves.

All in all in was a great week!

Oh and one other thing: Our friends Nate, Tricia and Gwyneth are also "Home at Last" after being in and out of the hospital since September they are at their own home, with their own baby girl, in the Outer banks! We are praising Jesus with them today! Check out Nate's blog:

I share my story today, not just to fill you in on my life, but to encourage each one of you to keep praying as you wait on the Lord to grant you the desires of your heart. He made you and gave you those desires- and delights to satisfy them. Make sure you are delighting in Him and He will grant you the desires of your heart in His sweet and perfect timing!

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