Sunday, May 18, 2008

Bliss Blockers

Wow, just read this amazing list, called Bliss Blockers- those things we do and believe that really prohibit us from enjoying each day to the fullest! Which ones are you most familiar with?

"Wanting what you can't have.
Not wanting what you do have.

Seeing the world as hostile.
Believing life is hard.
Over reliance on outside circumstances to initiate change.
Believing that money is the answer.
Believing you are unlucky.
Believing that things will never change for the better.

Not eating well.
Not exercising.
Not listening to your body.
Continuously finding fault with your body.
Feeling unworthy of happiness, love, success.
Not knowing who you are.
Not knowing what you love.
Not recognizing addictive behavior patterns or dependence.
Workaholism in the name of getting ahead or staying on top of things.

Lack of humor.
Inability to laugh at oneself.
Shyness in social situations.
Lack of spontaneity.
Thinking you're too inexperienced.
Pretending that you're more experienced or worldly than you are.

Believing the world will fall apart if you're not holding it together.
Inability to ask for or receive help.
Inability to be part of a team.

Inability to say "no" gracefully.
Needing to please.
Seeing everything as competitive.
Confusing being argumentative with being articulate.
Always needing to be right.

Putting others down so you can feel superior.
Not trusting your intuition.
Not following your dreams.
Believing other people's second guesses are better than your first.

Making a promise you dread.
Making promises you know you won't or can't keep.
Making promises just to keep the peace.

Thinking that worrying will make it better.

Inability to relax.

Confusing fatigue and laziness.
Inability to self-motivate.
Surrounding yourself with negativity.
Remaining in toxic relationships.
Setting unrealistic expectations for yourself.
Setting unrealistic expectations for others.

Looking at the world and life through the lens of lack:
Lack of curiosity.
Lack of faith.
Lack of wonder.
Lack of gratitude.

"Quite amazing to think that all of these bliss blockers have become so familiar we don't even notice them... This week pick just one bliss blocker (start with the one that made you wince when you read it) and see if you can't exchange these controlling habits with those of contentment and joy." -Sarah Ban Breathnach

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  1. Wow, it really is amazing how so many of these things you just learn to live with. Thanks for posting these:)


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