Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Getting so big!

Caleb climbed all the way to the top of the slide by himself.... a dozen times... but once I assured him that I would catch him he actually went down by himself! He will be two at the end of the month and I cannot get over how the time has flown! He is getting so independent- and such an enormous vocabulary! I love watching him explore his world!

Though this picture doesn't do him justice- Seth is much happier these days. He has regressed in his sleep patterns- back to every two hours through the night :( But during the day he is generally pleasant. And he is huge! I'm guessing almost twenty pounds at 4 months! We head in for a well baby visit on the 19th- so then we will know how fat he truly is!

Seth was baptized last weekend- so that was a joyous occasion! We enjoyed celebrating with family and friends as we welcomed Seth into our Church Family! Josh, Seth and I will head to Indiana the first weekend of December for our candidate review with WGM- so then we will know if we have been accepted by the mission board! We can't wait for that next piece of the puzzle to fall into place! That's our family update for now! Now that I am putting the daily devotions on pause- I still hope to update frequently- we will see how that goes!

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