Friday, December 12, 2008

Christmas Devotion at MOPS

This is the devotional I shared at MOPS today. It went well so I thought I would share it here!

What Can we Learn from the Christmas Story?

The first to arrive on the scene that first Christmas were the angels- Gabriel announced Jesus coming birth to Mary and Joseph. And like the angels we ought to be sharing the Good News of Jesus with everyone we meet.

Since this is MOPS, I think it is safe to say that we can all identify with being pregnant- for some it was a surprise, and others after much planning and trying… but all of us know how it feels to carry a child within us. And while we can identify with Mary in that- none of us can fathom how she must have felt at her young age to become pregnant with the Son of God! She must have been so scared… and yet she fully surrendered to God’s will for her life.

Poor Joseph. There was so much asked of him- bearing the shame of his pregnant fiancĂ©, bearing the responsibility to raise God’s Son, but he chose to obey and serve God because he was a good man. Joseph was obedient even when it wasn’t easy

The donkey carried Mary on that long journey to Bethlehem. He was just being used for the purpose he was created and sometimes that isn’t glamorous or fun- but it is our given task. As moms we know all about that! And God was just as pleased with the donkey as He was with Jesus!

The shepherds were out of the loop as far as town gossip went- they probably never knew what was going on, they were just tending their sheep out in the fields. But God chose those humble men to be the first to know! And He allows us, even if we are nobody’s, to enter His kingdom!

Baby Jesus left His divinity and His home in heaven to be born in a lowly manger, to a poor family. He came because He loved you. He came to pay the debt for your sins. In the old testament a lamb had to be killed to pay the debt of the people’s sins. In the new testament, Jesus became the lamb of God- who took away the sin of the world once and for all. In the old testament there were many prophecies about the coming Messiah who would be King! When Jesus actually arrived on the scene, not too many people believed He was the promised king, but the wise men did! They traveled on camels, that carried heavy loads, and they brought Him gifts worthy of royalty! And we should do the same- offering Him our worship, and bringing our heavy burdens to Him!

There was a star in the sky above the stable where Jesus was born. It shone brightly, perhaps signaling the fact that the Light of the World had come!

And now as we have heard this story again- it is time to quiet our hearts and focus on this, the real meaning of Christmas. Jesus came because He loves you- and you can enjoy a satisfying and real relationship with Him if you will simply open your heart to receive Him! Let’s pray

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  1. this is great! thanks for posting it! I was looking for something to share with my MOPS group in Cleveland on the gospel and this is really helpful.


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