Monday, March 30, 2009

Connecting the Dots!

What a wonderful time we had at Dobbins UMC's Mission Fair this weekend! It is so amazing how connected we are to people we've never met! We were connecting lots of dots this weekend as we met people who know people we love! This church is very connected to Delanco Camp- where we know Andy Bowen, Tim Bock, Jason Costomiris, the Bryski's, and many more! And then at the missions fair we met a guy who went to PBU with Josh, and Kenny Kinter's aunt and uncle, and Mark Amey (son of dear friends of my grandparents)! Plus a woman was there from Kids Alley- where we are quite connected through Josh's mom, and my aunt, and grandmother! Wow! Such a small world!

And we spoke in their worship service the next day and were so warmly received by their loving congregation! Connecting dots again... but this time the connection was our bond in Christ. It is such a blessing to worship with our brothers and sisters- whether we know one another or not! We were blessed to meet such a sister- Rose Jenkins (missions chair person) who does a fabulous job at keeping the world close to the heartbeat of their church! It was so neat to hear her passion for the lost, and her heart for the world come through as she introduced us and orchestrated the entire Missions Fair!

We are only just beginning our HMA, but we are already so encouraged that the Lord knows exactly what we need, and that He delights in providing it! It won't always be easy, but we know that the God who calls us is faithful!

Stay Tuned: Our trip to North Carolina begins Wednesday, April 1-7! Please pray for safe travels and good sleep as we share tight quarters!

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