Friday, April 10, 2009

Old Friends... New Journey

It was so sweet to travel to North Carolina this past week to see some dear friends from very significant moments of my life! It is such a blessing to be invited into someone's home and life and invite them to join us on our journey in return! We had a great time reconnecting and doing life together!

First, we stayed with my roommate from Uganda, Heather who lives in Charlotte, NC. We were able to share with her middle school girls Bible Study on Wednesday night- they were a lot of fun! Then we spoke to her 5th grade class at Carmel Christian School. The kids were really interested in what God is doing around the world- it was perfect timing because they had just finished up Missions Week at their school! They were such a blessing to us- it was especially sweet to read a book of encouraging notes from each child in the class! We will be reading it often to encourage our hearts! And we will always remember Caleb leading them in his "Everybody Africa!" chant! He was in his glory, working the crowd and dancing all across the room!

We had planned to see Tricia and Nate (I knew Tricia from our homeschooling group in highschool!), but since Caleb came down with a cold we didn't want to share our germs with Tricia who has CF. Although we were sad that we couldn't see them, and join them at their Transplantiversary Party- it was a little gift from our loving God to have a mandatory vacation from people in the midst of our traveling!

We rented a room at a hotel in Raleigh and just enjoyed being a family! We spent both afternoons that weekend outside in God's glorious creation- rest for our souls and a feast for our eyes!

And we stayed with my roommate from college, Emilie who lives in Raleigh. It was just like old times as we reminisced about our college days and laughed about silly inside jokes! But the sweetest moments were shared at the feet of Jesus as they gathered around and prayed over us on Tuesday night! It was a perfect end to an evening of sharing God's vision for Uganda over tasty food and amazing dessert! It was great to see Emilie, and our other college friend, Erin and to meet Erin's husband Brian, and Emilie's roommate Brandi.

Thank you for praying us to and fro safely! Thank you for praying for our sleep- the boys did pretty well! Pray with us that God would raise up champions of missions to join our Team! We are so grateful for those of you already on our team. Let us know how we can help you put feet to the mission God has given you! It is a privilege to work hand in hand with you!

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