Monday, August 17, 2009

Mission Fast Monday

Today I am at Delanco Camp, for those of you who don't know the significance of Delanco in my life, it is my spiritual home, a sanctuary, the place where I met my husband, and a lot of my dearest friends, and in fact, is also the place my parents met. God has set down some serious milestones in my journey at the altar at Delanco. I was saved there. I answered God's call to missions there. And it is a place God uses 8 weeks of the summer to challenge young people to follow hard after God and grow in holiness.

Today, would you join me in praying for Delanco Camp, it's leaders, the kids who have been changed this summer, and the kids who are here this week? Josh is the dean, and I am the evangelist, and our boys are the resident cuties (along with their cousin Tim!). And even expand your praying and fasting for all Christian summer camps changing lives for Christ!

Pray that God would supply their needs as finances are tight. Pray that the lives that have been changed would be protected from the evil one, and would share Christ with their friends and families back home. Pray that those who have surrendered their lives and futures to the Lord, would keep seeking Him, and allowing Him full control. Thank you for lifting up and sacrificially interceding for these stateside missions going on around the world!

Our theme is Operation 1:8 this week, based on Acts 1:8, so would you also pray for anyone there this week (camper, staff or visitor), who might receive a call to missions? Thanks!

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