Thursday, September 10, 2009


I'm all puffed out. I think I over did it last week. Posted Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday. Which may be why I've been silent this week. Ok, not really, I've just been really busy getting ready for this trip to KY. And having Monday "off" really throws my week. So here we are on this blustery Thursday.

BTW- isn't this pic of Seth fast asleep in his highchair amazing? That photo depicts how I feel these days, asleep at the wheel. I have the best of intentions, the greatest ideas, and I fall asleep when it comes to putting feet to my creativity. Would you pray that I would increase in follow-through? That I would faithfully accomplish all that God lays before me? Thanks for standing in the ever-widening gap for me!

I don't want to miss out on praising the Lord; we have much to be grateful for!
  • A couple more churches have invited us to come share God's heart for Uganda.
  • Things are falling into place for our KY trip (we leave SATURDAY!)
  • The boys are finally well. Seth still coughs some, but we're used to it.
  • Josh got a shift change that takes effect when we return from KY. 7-3 or 9-5 on alternating days! Frees up our evenings- so if you want to do dessert or coffee sometime, or prayer meeting or Bible study let us know!!
  • Our newsletter is printed. Now to get it in the mail before we leave!!
And we have a couple prayer requests:
  • Health, safety and sanity during our trip to KY. We will be on the road all day Saturday (Sept 12) and heading home all day Monday (Sept 28). We will be in Louisville, Lexington, Wilmore, and Ashland during the next two weeks. Want to connect? E-mail us your number and we'll be in touch!
  • In addition to those physical details- we really covet your prayers as God raises up men and women to join Him in His work in Uganda. Pray that hearts would be sensitive to His leading. Pray that we would faithfully communicate His vision. Pray that He would continue to provide for all our needs.
  • Pray for our boys that this traveling and sharing would only draw them closer to God's heart, and not be stumbling blocks to their faith. And that God would give me great patience and creativity as I entertain and involve them. And for Josh as he does the bulk of the driving, that he would be attentive and alert.
Thanks for walking hand in hand with us on this journey! It means so much to us! How are you at work in the world? How can we pray for your mission?

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