Monday, September 28, 2009


Just received these two e-mail from HQ. And it seems we need to actively participate with Mission Fast Monday tomorrow (even though it will be Tuesday). Would you join me tomorrow, or another day this week, in concerted, fervent prayer for God's kingdom efforts around the world? Leave a comment if you will fast something for some period of time this week! Thanks!

Prayer team,

Please lift this difficult situation before the throne.

MWV has been excited to come along side the Honduran National church as together we have started MWV in Honduras. Just recently MWV Honduras elected their first MWV national President, Marcos Canales. Unfortunately tragic news has come to MWV. Marcos was coming out from some meetings at his local church in the downtown area. As he and his family were walking toward his car, a passing motorcycle rider shot him and killed him to steal his computer and phone. Please pray for his family. He has two small children ages 6 and 2. Pray also for the church as this is a huge loss for their leadership. Pray for our missionaries as they minister to those impacted by this loss. And pray for peace in Honduras.

"Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints."

Todd Eckhardt

World Gospel Mission

Dear WGM family,

As I received word of this senseless killing (letter above), and then the news of a pastor in Bolivia who was hit and killed by a logging truck, my heart ached for the families involved. We lift them up before our loving and faithful God. But in my praying, I sensed that something bigger is going on here. I believe Satan is working hard to discourage God’s people and stop God’s work. We are pressing the enemy with advances into his territory, through the Concert of Prayer, Champion Migration Strategies, Compassionate Ministries, Men With Vision programs, church planting and leadership training, and the enemy is reacting like a roaring lion. Our own country, which has long been the largest missionary sending force in the world, has faced huge economic losses and uncertainty, affecting ministries across the board, including our own organization. A good number of our missionaries are suffering a diminishing financial support. Four of our major fields have faced extreme political turmoil lately, bringing tremendous pressure on the church and missionary morale— Kenya, Uganda, Bolivia and Honduras. As God’s people, we must stand against Satan’s madness with righteous, earnest and effectual prayer. God’s hand is not shortened that He cannot help!

Would you seek out a place this week to pray longer and stronger, as if it depended on you? Would you do that several times throughout the month of October? Perhaps getting up an hour earlier, or going to bed an hour later, or fasting from a meal time, just to pray. What was it Jesus asked Peter, James and John, as they slept through His ordeal? – “Could you not watch with me one hour?” Yes, that was the question. Can we respond to the same question by saying “Yes we can! We can watch with you one hour.”? So help us God!

As you pray, please pray for the WGM Board of Directors as they meet together October 16-17, beginning with various committee meetings on the 15th. These are some good, godly people who carry a big responsibility, concerning themselves with the issues and challenges that concern WGM. This is an important month for us as we look forward together. I covet your prayers for them and for our Executive team, as we deliberate together on things that matter to all of us.

God bless you one and all.


Hubert Harriman


World Gospel Mission

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