Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sick again...

We'll have to put the World Go! Manual on hold until we're all healthy again. Unless someone would like to guest post- or add discussion questions to our World Go! Discussion Group. E-mail me or comment if you're interested.

Be praying against all illness that Satan would not have the victory- that we would praise Him even though we're exhausted- that He would get the glory- that we would recover quickly- that Seth's fever would continue cooling- that we wouldn't infect anyone else in this household. Please pray.

Satan wants nothing more than for me to curl up in a ball, and do nothing about furthering the kingdom. We're feeling attacked and need you to fight for us! It seems silly, but every time we make progress in reaching out to champions, or reach another personal goal for our HMA (Homeland Ministry Assignment), we all get sick. That is no coincidence. Our enemy has had Uganda in his grip for decades and won't let her go without a fight. Join us on the battlefield!

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