Monday, November 23, 2009

Thanksgiving Challenge!

Nate, at CF Husband has posted a Thanksgiving Challenge- and I am answering the call and extending the invitation to you! Thanksgiving has fallen from it's intended purpose and become another tradition of family, food, and football. None of those are bad things- but do we pause to give thanks, really?? And shouldn't we really be living lives of gratitude at all times? Ann ,at a holy experience, does a great job of this on her Multitude Mondays! And I have caught the gratitude bug!

Would you choose to give thanks instead of complaints this week? Each time you are tempted to say something negative, can you offer praise? It won't be easy- but it could get our holidays off on the right foot this year! And perhaps usher 2010 in with open arms and grateful hearts! There are so many around the world who are utterly joyful, despite their circumstances. Maybe we can learn a lesson. The video is a little long- gets good in the middle :) African music:) Love it.

Today I am grateful for our faithful champions, our family, our recovery from illness, an apple pie in the oven, and God's nearness :)

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