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Uganda has been called the "Pearl of Africa"- it is a gorgeous country: awash with vibrant colors, balmy, tropical temperatures, and warm, loving people. There is much to love about this amazing country. And yet the world looks in on Uganda, and Africa as a whole, and sees only war lords, poverty, aids, malaria, and orphans. But God sees Uganda as a country of promise and potential! He won't rest until she shines with His righteousness- and neither should we! The world sees danger and poverty- but we see hope.

God has HUGE plans for Uganda- and WGM is on the front-lines training local pastors to reach their own people. It is so exciting to be on the cusp of such a grand adventure! Our whole focus in ministry is bringing people deeper in their relationship with Jesus.

We are the Hallahans (Josh, Kelly, Caleb and Seth) and we are heading to Kampala, Uganda in June 2010. We are missionaries with World Gospel Mission, working in student ministry. We will be working at Heritage International School as Campus Pastor- hanging out with the international students (grades K-12), getting to know them, leading youth group and Bible studies, and ministering to their families. We will also be discipling college students at Kampala International University.

At the Christian international school, there is such a need for stable, loving people to invest in these kids and their families. So Josh and I are excited to open our home and serve cookies, play Wii, and just love on these kids (in addition to leading formal youth group and Bible studies). For a much clearer picture of our work at the university check out this field video!

Would you like to pray more specifically? You can check out this post to read our latest field prayer requests. Would you like more information about our ministry? Check out our personal profile on WGM's website. So blessed to meet you all- and join hands as we spread His light around the globe!


  1. Kelly and Josh, I want to say thank you for going to the international school. We send Daniel to an international school staffed by people just like you and I can't tell you what a tremendous blessing it is. To know that there are other people investing in his life is a treasure. It enables us to focus more on what we are here to do- plant churches. It is amazing how each in the body of Christ fulfills a function.

    I am praying for your universtiy work, that it would spread across Africa as these students take Christ back to their countries.

    Thanks for sharing a bit of your journey with us. May God bless you as you prepare to GO!

  2. God bless you guys as you prepare to serve in Uganda! What an awesome and powerful ministry!

  3. Praise God for calling you and sending you soon to Uganda! I am so excited for you guys and love reading about the amazing work that He is preparing you for. Thank you for sharing! Praying for your support to come in quickly!

  4. We also have our girls at an international school...taught by missionaries! I was so pleased to read what you do!! Thank you also!

  5. Kelly and Josh, I am happy to get to know you and I was encouraged by your life of service to The Lord. I'll be praying for you and your ministry, many blessings.

  6. Praying for you as you get geared up and ready to head on out to the mission field this coming year.

    So good to meet you through the Candle in the Corner giveaway.

    In Christ,
    Dani JOy

  7. It is exciting to read about this ministry and your calling! I live very near WGM headquarters and have taught at IWU but didn't know about the Uganda outreach.
    May God speed your and prosper your plans and fulfill His purposes for you.

  8. What an exciting and awesome adventure... God bless you as you prepare for your work in Uganda!

    I came here through the Candle in the is great to learn more about your heart and passion to serve.

    Blessings & Aloha!

  9. Kelly, looking at your blog brings back some memories! We spent a year in Uganda, working about 2 hours from Kampala with a ministry called New Hope Uganda. We were filling in for missionaries who needed to go on furlough. What an amazing year!!! God used that year in so many ways in our lives (including re-directing us to full time missions in Argentina). But we left a piece of our hearts there too. Still stay in touch with dear friends we made.

    We're also familiar with the international school because at the time our church supported a couple who served there, Mark was the head of the school at that time. (They've since moved on to another ministry.)

    I often went into Kampala to do the grocery shopping for the missionary wives because I was the only one without little ones (my "baby" was 15) and the shopping literally took all day since no one store carried everything. My daughter went back on her own a few years later and said there's even a mall in Kampala now! I think I'd still prefer shopping at Owino Market though, for clothes and shoes -- always an experience! :-)

    Will enjoy following your blog as you finish preparing and go next year!

  10. What an awesome ministry! I know the Lord will provide your every need (because He promises to), and that He will use you in a mighty way.

    You are right about what we think about when we think about Uganda. I'm so glad you shared what you did about that country. As the Lord reminds me, I will pray for you and the Ugandan people.

    In Jesus' joy~
    Jennifer Walker

  11. Kelly - I'm just now stopping by to comment. I read your blog when the event happened but didn't comment earlier. Now I've subscribed to your blog and look forward to getting to know you better. May God bless you as you raise support and prepare to go overseas. Blessings to you!


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