Saturday, January 16, 2010

Haiti Haiku

Been inspired over at (in)courage to write a haiku about winter... this is what first came to mind as I looked out the window:

bare branches stretching
pointing to Glory we miss
causing us to pause

but something bigger is on my heart... heavier... and so I sit and let word beauty pour out:

Hot winter rumbles
life and death in epic race
Glory will still win

"God, in the midst of tragedy, we know You are still who You say You are. Same Glory... forever. Thank you for pointing us to Your final victory- for promising that this world is not our home, and that one day death will be destroyed! Hallelujah! But now- with scenes of death stamped on the screens of our minds and hearts- move us to action and push us to our knees (where the true battle is fought!). Be Your Ever-Present self in Haiti. Shine brightly- Glorious One- in the midst of utter darkness. We wait for You. -Amen"

--Want to join in the haiku challenge? Check it out!


  1. Oh Kelly...such tragic beauty and truth in your words. Somber, yes, but ultimately victorious.

    Thank you for sharing your heart through verse. Lovely.

  2. I like both of your haikus very much...but your haiti one truly stirs my soul. thanks.

  3. Wow -- those are really good! I've never written a haiku. I may have to give it a try today, if I'm brave enough...

    Nice to meet you here!

  4. I love these!

    Last night, a small group of us met in prayer and declared that indeed God WILL glorify Himself in the midst of all the horror, despair and devastation.

  5. love that you sat and got to the second one...beautiful.

  6. both are beautiful...tragedy is an opportunity to see hope & God's glory!

  7. "Hot winter" struck me the most.

  8. Such beautifully poignant words - painting pictures that touch the heart.

  9. Beautiful, poignant and devastating. God reigns in all things forever and ever.
    Wonderful poetry from deep within your soul.
    Blessings and Grace...

  10. Your heart is so clear in your words. Beautiful!

  11. "glory will still win."

    Always. Always.

  12. wow, just wow - love the Haikus, AND what you wrote below them - moved me. Beautiful!


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