Friday, January 15, 2010

8 Specific Ways to Pray for Haiti

Sometimes in the midst of tragedy, I have no words to even pray. And I feel almost frozen. This is one of those times. But I am grateful for this website that gave me a guide to praying for those effected by the earthquake in Haiti! Thanks, OperationSAFE!

Here's a bullet list in case you don't feel like clicking over (although they expand on each point):
  • Pray for those in need of rescue that it will come swiftly.
  • Pray for the rescuers- safety, rest, encouragement, in the midst of horror and unrelenting pain.
  • Pray for families that have witnessed the unthinkable, are worried about loved ones, and fearful for their own safety.
  • Pray for children who need comfort and safety, hugs and reassurance- even if they are physically "fine."
  • Pray for governments and authorities that all red tape would disappear and corruption would cease.
  • Pray for relief agencies to have wisdom and compassion to make a lasting difference in Haiti.
  • Pray for those around you that they would respond not just with what they can do, but with their heart.
  • Pray for yourself that you would have a heart of compassion- start now and it will grow.

And this website that challenged how I should respond! Thanks, Generous Mind!

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