Saturday, January 02, 2010

New Year Dawns...

Light pours in the window... causing us to squinch eyes... the glory hurts... hope, like the sun rises as we wipe slate clean and begin another 365. And the opportunities overwhelm... freezing us...inactive...

But the Christ who came- is still God With Us! And He promises to walk hand in hand with us into the unknown that lies expansively before us!

Our 2010 holds: opportunity for God to show up in big ways, situations to trust Him entirely, countless love gifts from Jesus, training for what lies ahead, hard places, airplanes, car rides, meals with brothers and sisters in Christ, champions whom we can invest in, new ministry in Uganda, new teammates on the field, endings and beginnings, and the invitation to walk with Him daily through it all!

What does 2010 hold for you? How can we be praying? How can we serve you? How can we join you in your kingdom work?

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  1. Hello Kelly! I wanted to stop by and personally invite you to join in on the "Christmas Around the World" photo challenge at Missionary Moms! There a fun giveaway to go along with the challenge! Come visit the following post to find out more! God bless!


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