Wednesday, January 13, 2010

This is WAR!

As I've been studying Numbers with some lovely ladies at Sicklerville UMC, God has shown up and been teaching and convicting me! One thing that has really grabbed my attention- just as the Israelites were about to move in, cross the border and enter into all that God had for them... Satan attacked... causing some to settle on the east of the Jordan (oh, they were so close!). Satan lured them with material prosperity, and safety for their children- and they missed out on God's best :(

Josh and I are in that place of "on our way" to the place God has prepared for us... are you in transition as well? Well, let me share some things we've been learning, and some ways you can be partnering with us- perhaps they will help you on your journey, and give you some fodder for prayer!

He says to us: "I have begun to give... begin to possess..." -Deut 2:31 "Rise...begin to possess it, and engage him in battle..." -Deut. 2:22 "You must not fear them, for the Lord your God Himself fights for you..." -Deut. 3:22

Engage in battle.
Begin to possess.
Do not fear!

This is war- we must spend much time in the Word and in prayer- our two weapons in this spiritual battle! And just as we approach all that God has for us, we must be ready to fight all the harder and lean all the more on Him! As you keep walking the path He lays before you, stay dependent on Him, and spend extra time in prayer! Put on the full armor of God!

As for us, we're at almost 40% of our pledges and almost 30% of our one time gifts... and as we get closer to 100% we're going to need you to fight for us! Satan has had a hold on Uganda for decades- He doesn't want any more missionaries there! I've been feeling the weight of our great calling lately- and there has been a heaviness upon me- knowing it will only get harder as we get closer to our own Promised Land. So pray that God would protect us from the evil one, and that we would walk in obedience, and surrender. And that we would spend extra time in our prayer closet, girding ourselves with the armor of God! Thank you!

Pray also for our dear friend, CJ Caufield. There has been some progress, and praise reports- but this is far from over. Join us as we lift up our voices around the world for his complete healing.

Also be in fervent prayer for Haiti! A friend of mine has dear missionary friends there, and WGM has some personnel on the ground. Be praying hard that God would be sufficient in this time of crisis. And ask Him how He wants you to respond in a tangible way.

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