Friday, March 05, 2010

Spiritual Battle in Uganda

Just got this e-mail from Lisa Fish, WGM missionary in Uganda. Please pray!

Uganda needs your prayers now.

· Today, PRAISE the LORD, one of our secondary “Jain” (Indian) students prayed with me to receive Christ as Savior! What an exciting “high” that is for us! Pray for this boy’s family especially as he gives them the news. We want him to honor his culture while following Christ. Pray the parents have soft hearts and that they too will come to Jesus! For now, I don’t feel I ought to say his name for his privacy. Once I get his permission and know things are okay with his parents, I will be happy to share his name. Praise the Lord with us for this new birth! Pray we can counsel and disciple him since Christianity is completely new to him in every thought and concept.

· Please go to the Father asking for protection over Heritage International School. Due to legalities and wording, I can only say we are in a spiritual battle and Heritage is having some very serious issues. Please pray.

· And we see another front of attack as nearly all our WGM vehicles have problems enough to put them in the garage. We’re all soon to be walking or taking (dangerous) public transport. Please pray. The cars are decent and so is our mechanic. Some of the problems seem inexplicable except in the spiritual world.

· We can see spiritual warfare in so many lives and situations around us just now. Please pray for things/groups under attack; Uganda, WGM, the Africa Gospel Church, Heritage International School, and affiliated missions. With the recent landslides (you may have heard of them in Eastern Uganda), churches and people are greatly affected. We need your prayers now.

· I wish I could be more specific in some of these requests, but I trust you will simply take them and hand the issues to Jesus, who is in control and He is in the battle for us. Pray that the enemy is defeated and that God will receive not only the glory, but that more souls would turn to Christ for salvation in and through these struggles.

Thank you for fighting with us! Stay tuned for our latest newsletter- coming soon to an inbox near you!

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