Monday, March 08, 2010

Power of Prayer!

We got this e-mail from our field director, Jon Mayo, in response to a question about the LRA activity in Uganda:

The LRA has not been fighting in Uganda for over 2 years. It is now almost 3 years since they totally left Uganda. People in the North are leaving the Internally Displaced Camps and are returning home. They are beginning to rebuild. Even though we are very thankful for this, Joseph Kony and the LRA continue to operate in DRC, Sudan, and Central Africa Republic. DRC and Sudan have allowed the Uganda Army to enter into these countries to help them capture Joseph Kony. They have had much success in the last year capturing or killing his top commanders.

The turn in the battle between Uganda's Army and the LRA here in Uganda did not take place because of military power, but because of the power of prayer. There were many praying, however, the real break through came about when a group of Ugandan intercessors dared to go into the north even to Kony's sacrificial/ritual areas to pray and break the power of satan. From this point on, the Ugandan Army began to have success and Kony's power began to fade.

Thank you for praying! Check out this blog post on the Invisible Children site for the latest on the LRA

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