Monday, April 19, 2010

Backyard Gratitude

This weather has been simply gorgeous- and there is much for which to be grateful! It is a joy to live with Josh's parents during this time of preparation for Uganda- an added bonus is their lovely backyard! It has also been fun to enter Caleb's imaginary world of Backyardigans (a TV show on Nick Jr)- which has made our backyard all the more magical! And I was able to spend some time on Sunday with some gorgeous women to shower a friend with love. We are blessed.

Backyardigans arriving in the mail today!
Caleb's delight
A wholesome TV show that sparks his growing imagination

A tire swing.
My own childhood memories.

Playing TOGETHER nicely.

A picnic blanket.
Basking in the glorious sunshine.
My two sweet boys.

handpicked love.
dirty fingernails.
Seth lost in his own world.
being the mama of boys.

my view from our hammock.
gift from Scott from Ecuador.
my comfy Teva's.
lounging in the shade of a blossoming tree.

Sabbath rest.
a Spring evening with family.
burgers, carrots and potatoes on the grill.
the scent of the campfire
a taste of home.
a thoughtful husband.
menu planned, groceries bought, dinner cooked.

backyard bridal shower.
beautiful women.
hope of new love.
Your story lived out in our lives.

All of creation bursting with beautiful life.
the color pink.
the fragrance of glory.
our artistic God.

gratitude journal: #1504-1541

holy experience


  1. Loved your beautiful pictures. And the picture of you with your boys was so fun! A treasure!

  2. beautiful.
    can I come over and take a nap in your hammock?


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