Monday, May 24, 2010

Just show us...

Yesterday there was a special ministry presentation at Sicklerville UMC by Mike and Pam Rozell of The Potter's Field Ministries. He is a skillful potter, and she a talented vocalist. Together they share their testimony and talents in a way that challenges each member of the congregation. Using the analogy of the Potter and the clay, they vividly illustrate our relationship with God. What struck me most was this quote:

We say, "God, just show me and I'll do it."
God says, "Just do it and I'll show you."

As we seek to do God's will, ultimately it comes down to surrender and willingness to go and do whatever He says. The clay must be pliable in the potter's hand... or He will make it pliable. He is ever gentle, yet firm- constantly applying just the right amount of pressure. Until we take the shape He chooses, and He can put us to use how He has planned. The clay doesn't have any rights. Nor does it get to question the potter's judgement.

In surrender is its beauty.

Are you waiting for God to reveal a piece of the puzzle before you obey? Is He calling you to do something that you're not comfortable with? Trust the work He is doing in you. Trust His strong, and loving hands to form His likeness in you. Surrender. You can trust Him.

Joining Ann, and listing praise and gratitude... over a thousand gifts... and still counting:

#1764. Your tender hands
#1765. Your vision of what I can become
#1766. that You aren't afraid to get messy
#1767. all the things I don't really need and how You gently discard them
#1768. being centered on the solid Rock
#1769. kindred hearts for Uganda
#1770. an indescribable sense of something great in the works through Uganda
#1771. holy spirit goosebumps
#1772. crossing paths with His servants
#1773. freedom of surrender
#1774. not having to know it all
#1775. being able to trust You.
#1776. grace.

holy experience


  1. YES - "holy spirit goose bumps", and oh I love "not having to know it all" - what peace and comfort!!

    thanks or sharing

  2. OH my goodness!
    His hands are soooo tender. I love this. LOVE IT!
    I pray that I may be pliable clay in his tender hands...AMEN!

  3. Hi :) Thank you for stopping by!
    Its always great to make new friends :)

    Your post really spoke to me, we had to make a really tough decision this year, listening to what God had to say was not that easy - leaving family and friends and church to move to a new country - even harder!!

    God bless!


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