Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Numbers. Answers. Homework.

Sounds like we're back in school, huh? Well we have a few happy things to share with you today!

We got an e-mail from HQ yesterday with our most current financial needs. Here are the numbers:

Monthly pledges still to be raised $3764 (out of $6711)
One time cash still to be raised $9574 (out of $37, 264)

We want to thank you for praying; He is answering! A few answers to prayer:
  • Frank and Sharon Martin (Missionary Pastors from WGM) came to visit yesterday- their words of encouragement, their prayers and the time they spent loving on our boys- were such a blessing. Just the stuff we need to keep pressing on!
  • The boys are on their way to healthy- Seth is still wheezing and coughing a little- but everyone slept through the night last night!
  • We were very nervous about our Perspectives Course, and it is Week 3 and we're still alive! It is time consuming, but we're learning so much. And it has been very encouraging!
Our homework is drawing us closer to Him! Perspectives is a great course that lays out God's heart for missions- and wouldn't you know- just as we were slowing down and becoming discouraged He is revealing His heart for missions and fanning the flames of our own passion for the world! His timing is perfect. The course is restoring our vision of His grandeur and glory (helping us to trust Him more), it is filling us with the urgency of taking the gospel to all nations, and it is giving us fresh "perspective" as we share our story with the people we meet!

Thank you for praying! We can't do this without you.

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