Thursday, May 06, 2010


*** Please be aware that this blog post is highly sensitive, and may not be suitable for young readers.***

I've been reading Tom Davis' blog this week and am floored by the reality that sex trafficking is going on in America, utilizing a commonly used website:

Tom Davis has written three posts this week about this scandal and outrage- and I believe as missional people, loved and sent by a missional God- we cannot be passive in this fight against injustice. I will be fasting lunch today- and would encourage you to fast and pray sometime this week- over this depravity, and injustice happening on US soil (and around the world). Here are Tom's posts:

Shutting Down America's Online Sex Cafe

Craigslist Supports Sex Trafficking by Looking the Other Way...Will You?

Praying for the Victims of Sex Trafficking

Will you join us in fasting and praying for the least of these who are so precious in His sight??

Also check out iFast58 for an additional prayer/fasting resource.

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