Monday, May 10, 2010

Perspectives! Pray!

Josh and I have just begun a 4 month course called "Perspectives on the World Christian Movement" It is an intense overview of missions from Genesis to now- historical, biblical, cultural, and strategic! Whew- I get tired just thinking about it! As we enter this new season, we are excited and nervous about how God will accomplish His purposes through us. We know that we are called to Uganda, and want to get there as soon as we can- and yet this course will obviously equip us for our task! Those things seem to be at odds ( I am not quite sure how God is going to get us funded since we are spending all our time on our homework) but I trust His goodness and His perfect timing. Perhaps He just needs us to get out of His way! :)

So if you don't hear from us, assume we are studying hard! Please be in prayer that we would find the right balance of missions and homework and family (and housework?). Would you cover us as we step out of our comfort zones and spend more time on this course and less time on "missions"? Would you pray that we would let go and trust God to get us to Uganda when He needs us there? Thanks! Also would you pray for our boys- Caleb is really struggling with allergies and we are praying Seth stays well. Satan loves to attack us through illness- and we just knew they would get sick as we started this course! We really covet your prayers during this new season.

If you're interested in rocking your own world check out this video, perhaps God is calling you to take the Perspectives Course too!

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