Saturday, July 24, 2010

When You're Wilting... the heat of life
someone is turning up the heat. stretch down roots, but there's nothing left to drink.

we enter a busy season of summer and then one by one we drop like flies. first Caleb. then Seth. then me. feeling better we head out to camp. but it's only just begun. there is ministry to do. there are road trips ahead. there are sick ones to tend. packing and driving. driving and packing. laundry. laundry. laundry. and we're wilting in the heat.

but as we settle into His arms... we are reminded to look closely at all the blessings that grace this desert place. we count out our gratitude. more numerous than grains of sand.

reminds me of three young men thrown into the fire (thanks, Joanna Coppedge, at women's retreat). Jesus was there in the midst of it with them. And as they clung to Him- they came out... not even smelling of smoke. Hallelujah! And so we count gratitude like grains of sand in the desert...

#2151. words straight from Jesus in a $4 devotional

#2152. "O My child, have I ever failed you?"

#2153. "I will never leave you nor forsake you."
#2154. His nearness
#2155. a cup of peppermint comfort
#2156. encouraging e-mail
#2157. the victory You bring even when none of the circumstances change
#2158. gatorade
#2159. saltine crackers

#2160. ginger ale sipped through a straw

#2161. an amazing husband
#2162. gracious people at camp filling in our gaps
#2163. the prayers of the saints
#2164. words of affirmation said through tears

#2165. courage of young ones to say "yes!" to whatever God asks

#2166. clean, freshly made beds
#2167. warm fluffy towels from the dryer

#2168. piles of clean laundry

#2169. brothers camped out on the couch
#2170. a man who lives out his priorities. family first.

#2171. being in this together

#2172. a shower. a little eyeliner. and a blow-dryer.
#2173. feeling human
#2174. a stolen date to Target after the boys were in bed
#2175. fresh air
#2176. getting out alone
#2177. sleeping in the same bed
#2178. being married to my best friend

holy experience


  1. hee, hee...i liked "a shower. a little eyeliner. and a hairdryer" :)

    keep on taking long, cool drinks of Him...your Living Water.

    journeying with you,

  2. I'm glad you're feeling better -- and human again! :)

    I give thanks with you for prayers, a man with his priorities straight and being married to my best friend.

  3. i just love this list. everything about it, from his mercies and his promises, and the underlining on page and in heart! and for wellness and clean linens (!!!) and hands held together thru thick and thin. love this list! praise him!

  4. Thanks, ladies! without this thanks-giving... don't know that I would survive weeks like this last one! it's a great journey- glad you're a part of it!

  5. Not even smelling of smoke and being married to your best friend. I love your list. After reading it, I feel blessing upon blessing coming out of hiding over here. Thanks.

  6. What a beautiful list!
    Your $4 devotional speaks to me today.
    Thankfulness through the desert times is so hard, yet springs of joy can well from the place of our offering.
    You say it so well. Thank you for sharing your journey.
    Be Blessed :)


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