Monday, August 16, 2010

Ugliness dying

my journal is at the camper... no numbers this week at Delanco Camp... but still much gratitude. He is doing a new thing in me. A dying thing. Dead to self, alive in Him. And I am grateful for the ugliness He is killing. I am grateful for the life He is birthing in me.

-each frustration that gives me opportunity to choose others ahead of myself
-each violation of my rights that prompts surrender
-His life
-death of self
-becoming more like Him
-lifting my hands in praise and surrender
-little boys praising Jesus in the tabernacle
- Seth's little voice in the microphone: "You are holy... You are mighty... I will listen... I will love You..."
-not getting my own way- teaching me to trust His goodness in choosing for me
- answers to prayer
-new pledges
-His faithfulness. so faithful.

holy experience

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