Friday, November 05, 2010

KY Tour

 For those of you who want to know... here's our itinerary for Kentucky:

--Nov 6  Saturday: 9 hour drive to Ashland, KY
--Sunday-Wednesday: Ashland KY with Michael & Emilie McAlister
--Thursday-Saturday: Lexington/Wilmore area with Larry & Joy McPherson
--Saturday-Sunday: Bowling Green with Brent Arn
--Sunday night: Asbury's WGM Student Center 6pm
--Monday: Asbury Seminary Prayer group and then 9 hour drive to Washington DC
--Monday-Tuesday: DC with Steve & Connie Hughes and Joanna 

  • Pray for safe and healthy travel.  
  • Pray for great connections and hearts ready to hear God's challenge to bless the nations.  
  • Pray that we will be blessing to each one we come in contact with. 
How can we pray for you while we're gone??  Are you in KY and want to get together?? We'd love that!   E-mail or facebook us!

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