Friday, November 19, 2010

Stir me, oh! stir me, Lord

Living Faith: Willing to be stirred as a pot of paintMay this hymn be the song on our lips and the prayer of our hearts.  The inspiration for Helen Roseveares book, Living Faith:

  1. Stir me, oh, stir me, Lord, I care not how,
    But stir my heart in passion for the world,
    Stir me to give, to go, but most to pray;
    Stir till the blood-red banner be unfurled
    O'er lands that still in heathen darkness lie,
    O'er deserts where no cross is lifted high.

  1. Stir me, oh, stir me, Lord, till all my heart
    Is filled with strong compassion for these-souls;
    Till Thy compelling word drives me to pray;
    Till Thy constraining love reach to the poles
    Far north and south, in burning deep desire,
    Till east and west are caught in love's great fire.

  1. Stir me, oh, stir me, Lord, till prayer is pain,
    Till prayer is joy, till prayer turns into praise;

    Stir me, till heart and will and mind, yea, all
    Is wholly Thine to use through all the days.
    Stir, till I learn to pray exceedingly;
    Stir, till I learn to wait expectantly.

  1. Stir me, oh, stir me, Lord, Thy heart was stirred
    By love's intensest fire, till Thou didst give
    Thine only Son, Thy best beloved One,
    E'en to the dreadful cross, that I might live.
    Stir me to give myself so back to Thee,
    That Thou canst give Thyself again through me.

  1. Stir me, oh, stir me, Lord, for I can see
    Thy glorious triumph-day begin to break;
    The dawn already gilds the eastern sky;
    Oh, Church of Christ, arise, awake, awake.
    Oh! stir us, Lord, as heralds of that day.
    For night is past, our King is on His way.

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  1. This is one of my favorite books and I have this song posted on my bulletin board!


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