Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Blessing Complete Strangers

We are all having a wonderful time here in Ashland, KY with Michael and Emilie. The congregation here at Christ UMC has been so warm and welcoming and truly encouraging. As Kelly and I have been praying about this trip we have been praying that God would also use us to be an encouragement to other people as well.

On Monday night we had the opportunity to go on a date night as Emilie and Michael volunteered to watch our boys. We went into Huntington WV which has a bunch of restaurants and stores that we could enjoy. After a wonderful dinner, browsing a bookstore, and a cup of Starbucks coffee we decided to head back.

As we walked into the parking garage I noticed on the other side a truck with its hood up and a couple standing beside it. The gentleman asked if we had jumper cables and could give them a hand. I did and gladly drove over to help them out. We introduced ourselves and met Todd and Donna. Todd is a "tow boat captain" and works on the Ohio river for 3 weeks at a time. Donna is a stay at home mom with 3 boys, one of them being autistic. Todd and Donna do not have any family in the area and their closest friend was the one babysitting their boys so that they could go on a date. Needless to say Todd and Donna don't get out much together. Sadly their truck was not working and even though we hooked up the jumper cables and let it sit for a good 15 minutes it refused to start. The garage was pretty empty and Todd and Donna had no one they could call to come get them. After a bit of convincing we talked them into letting us drive them home about 20 some miles in the opposite direction of Michael and Emilie's house. We were very glad to help out this couple and enjoyed our conversation on the way back to their place.

I share this story not to make us look good but rather to share how we saw an opportunity Jesus gave us to be His hands and feet for two strangers last night. We will probably never see Todd and Donna again but I pray we will see them in heaven some day. For our ability to help this couple out, which took roughly a half hour of our time we now have people we can pray for. Pray that Todd and Donna continue to strengthen their marriage and find times to get away. Pray for Donna as she is home with her three boys each day as Todd is at work. Pray for Todd as it seems whenever he is furthest from home something goes wrong back home. Pray that their house will sell as they need more room for their big family. Pray for their son, Caleb, as they love on this autistic child. Pray for their other two sons as they continue to grow that they would fall in love with Jesus. Pray that one day we will see Todd and Donna and their three boys again standing before the throne of Jesus.

Who will you be a blessing to today and be able to pray for?

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