Monday, February 07, 2011

lungs full of praise

3051.  roadtrip. bags packed. little travelers in carseats.
3052.  wawa coffee
3053.  silly boy- socks on hands.
3054.  cozy boy- blankie and a hood.
3055.  morning sun cresting over the horizon
3056.  smoke curling from a chimney on an old farmhouse
3057.  snow covered barn.
3058.  sun chasing us- gliding over slick bank
3059.  daddy farmer and little boy slipping. playing. laughing. while the cows watch.
3060.  white steeple in the hills- cross lifted high

3061.  vistas of grandeur. purple hills. valleys dotted white.
3062.  him calling out beauty: "look!"
3063.  You. wild extravagant Giver
3064.  how you woo and pursue me
3065. his strong, faithful hands.
3066.  flock of birds taking wing in unison- winging praise- worship in flight!
3067.  glassy branches- translucent in the afternoon sun

3068.  friends on this journey with us
3069.  an old farmhouse FULL of LIFE

3070.  weathered red barn lit with sunset
3071.  rainbow of the sunset caught in an icicle
3072.  uninterrupted grown up conversation
3073.  everyone all tucked in for the night
3074.  a warm home to sleep in
3075.  Your tender care in the night watches
3076.  freshly ground wheat
3077.  blueberry pancakes
3078.  knights. princess. dragon. pirates. jail. classical music
3079.  vibrant imaginations
3080.  coffee from a cute coffee pot
3081.  godly parents growing kids with character

3082.  dinner rolls baking in the oven
3083.  food made with love
3084.  nourishment for body and souls
3085.  stories of Your faithfulness

3086.  little hands clasped in prayer
3087.  friends
3088.  Abigail and Caleb
3089.  Caleb's tender heart.
3090.  these children who will grow up in Africa


  1. i loved this kel...thanks for sharing your heart!

  2. :sigh: freshly ground wheat!!!!

    What a beautiful list!


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