Sunday, February 20, 2011

how He takes my breath away...

He is so good.  And as we ready our hearts and our family to move to Uganda, He is showing up in amazing and simple ways.  There is such delight in being His child! 

{gratitude excerpts from our trip to Indiana and Pennsylvania and home}

3116.  our WGM family, which is partly our real family, what a gift!
3117.  meeting faithful men and women from around the world.

3123.  Frank's passion, knowledge and experience!
3124.  being seated with You in the heavenlies!

3127. late night harmonies, practicing for chapel

3130.  Your faithful people- new pledges 81% (only need 43 more people@ $30/month)

3150. open homes.

3151. fun new toys for the boys to enjoy

3156.  home. in our own bed.
3163. a circle of prayer
3164. fighting on our knees for peace around the world

3165.  yummy africa-inspired treats

3177. inhaling the warm breeze
3178. laying on sun-warmed wood
3179. "napping" outside. sun on my face

3180. my boys calling me princess

3181.  traveling the high seas with pirates, 
and still getting home in time for nap

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