Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Can't catch my breath!

He boggles our minds.  His goodness makes us a little goofy!  He takes us by surprise.  He's running, and we are trying to keep up! Just last night we jumped 6% in our monthly pledges!  We are just 10.6% away from Uganda- only 5.6% away from buying plane tickets!  How crazy is that?  He is a good, good God.  And, though we know He answers prayers, and always makes good on His promises- we are still amazed.

Will you join us in praising Him?  Will you seek His face on how He wants you to participate in His plans for Uganda?  We're not there yet, team!  And we need your creativity and fervent prayers now more than ever!  If you want to get our weekly prayer updates, click the "Join Our Team" tab above and make sure you click weekly.  We'll be posting soon about how we're all feeling about this pending transition- some heart stuff is starting to happen with Caleb- Seth is just ready to go :) 

We're praying the rest of our support comes in by the end of April.  We're looking for creative ways to connect with new people, and faithful champions who will promote God's work in Uganda in their own sphere of influence.

He is doing amazing things- what a privilege it is to partner with Him among the nations!   
Makes us wanna dance :)

Grateful for... {#3223-3230}
91% of our funds in
Plane tickets reserved for May 15
faith that God will indeed provide all we need
a palm tree in our future yard in Uganda
and a balcony off our future master bedroom in Uganda
and dear sweet friends who are carrying us there
friends we will miss painfully
and our Friend, who sticks closer than a brother

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  1. Wow! What an awesome adventure awaits you! I am committing to visit the posts to the left and to the right of where I land at Ann's place every week...and there you are! Your little ones dancing and jumping are so awesome!



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