Monday, March 28, 2011

leaves me breathless...

in a good way... God is moving so fast... He is pouring on the blessings... we are just trying to write fast enough... find buckets big enough...

We will not pass this way again.  Of course, we will return to the states after our first two-year term in Uganda, but we will return changed.  Our boys will feel like we're leaving home to come back to this place where they have faint memories.  So we're trying to live well- carve the memories deep- savor every moment.  It's gloriously exhausting!

#3302- #3330
birthday party for best buddy, Noah
catching up with dear friends
bowling alley noises
old school music

first day of Spring
Free Rita's water ice!
sweet, happy, sticky boys

treats with people we love
Prayer Buddies
smiling for the camera

sheer joy
first train ride
DC Metro

"mama-lovin" on the train
so excited
watching him take it all in

little boy wonder
dinosaur bones
a museum full of His handiwork

kindred spirits
a whole day of quality time
unhurried friendship

family night
homemade brownies
savoring every morsel

a church catching the vision for Uganda
97.2% (which also means just 2.8% to go!)
how blessed He is when people catch His heartbeat for the world


  1. This is such a beautiful post. I have several friends who live overseas as missionaries, and I recognize that bittersweet, exhilirating time as you're beginning to realize you have one foot in each country :) Your sweet boys are precious! I'm praying for you all during this time in the "home stretch."

  2. I heart Mondays nowadays, and I’m not sure I’ve said this – but what you guys have done there – I’m in awe. And my favorite from your list today… kindred spirits a whole day of quality time unhurried friendship (◠‿◠) Because I can see the joy in the picture – and I heart God’s joy shared between friends.

    God Bless and keep you and yours

  3. I'm so glad I stopped by today! I was reminded of what my pastor always says, "Are your buckets of joy the size of thimbles or so heavy you can't carry them?" Glad to hear yours are overflowing. "A church that has caught the vision. . ." -- this one struck me today. I know how hard it must to be raise the support you need in these times. Praise God for those who really SEE!

  4. What an amazing journey you are about to embark on..glad I stopped by today so I can follow and see how God uses your precious family!

  5. I sense your excitement over the big move to Uganda. It's amazing what God is doing, and all He is preparing for you. God bless you as you say goodbye to home and loved ones. I look forward to following your blog.


  6. Thanks for sharing your Blessings as I love to read them on Mondays it makes ne so happy to see others sharing what GOD is doing in there lifes

  7. Thank you for this glimpse into your amazing journey as a family.
    Your list was a joy to read :)

  8. Your pictures do an amazing job of telling your story. I am a new follower, pleases top by and consider returning the favor.


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