Friday, April 01, 2011

Prayer Guide: Heritage International School

A rainbow of faces- all God's children- from up to 24 different countries!  This week we're focusing our prayer on Heritage International School- the students, the staff, the families and countries represented.  Let's use Colossians 1 as our prayer guide:

For the students and parents who may not know Jesus yet:
  • that He would rescue them from the dominion of darkness and bring them into the kingdom of the Son He loves (Col. 1:13)
  • that He would soften their hearts toward the things of God
  • that they would one day share in the inheritance of His holy people in the kingdom of light! (Col.1:12)
For the students, parents, and staff who know Jesus:
  • that He would fill them with the knowledge of His will with all the wisdom and understanding that the Spirit gives (Col. 1:9)
  • that they would live lives worthy of the Lord, pleasing Him in every way, bearing fruit in every good work, and that they would grow in the knowledge of God (Col. 1:10)
  • that He would strengthen them with all power according to His glorious might so that they would have great endurance and patience (Col. 1:11)
  • and that they would give joyful thanks to the Father (Col.1:12)
Thank you for joining us on this Lenten prayer journey around Uganda!  
Who do you know that you could pray these Colossians prayers over?  

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