Friday, April 15, 2011

Prayer Guide: Compassionate Ministries

Community Health Empowerment training was held this week in Uganda! Pray that what was taught was clear and understood and that those who attended will become convinced of the value of this ministry and will be willing to commit time and effort as volunteers in their communities.  

Compassionate Ministries

WGM engages in compassionate ministries around the world to help people following natural disasters; development programs, healthcare, small business training, and children-focused ministries allow missionaries to show God’s love to hurting people. From the people who are able to respond on the ground at a moment’s notice to those who help with long-term community health programs, compassionate workers minister to make life better for those in need.

How can you pray for those involved in compassionate ministries through WGM and throughout the world?

  • SUNDAY: Read John 12:32. In times of crisis and grief, pray for Jesus’ name to be lifted up among His people.
  • MONDAY: Pray for missionaries and nationals teaming up to coordinate their community development efforts. Pray for trusting relationships within these teams and that God will use these efforts to educate and benefit communities.
  • TUESDAY: Read 1 Timothy 2:1. Pray for your Christian and non-Christian neighbors.
  • WEDNESDAY: Pray for those who are ministering through helping others start small businesses. Pray that God will bless their training times with opportunities for friendship.
  • THURSDAY: Read Acts 1:8. Pray for unreached people. Many still do not know and have not heard about the life-changing power of Christ.
  • FRIDAY: Pray for missionaries involved in relief efforts in areas of the world that are in crisis. Pray that God will use them not only as a blessing of relief to victims of crisis but also as living testimonies of Him.
  • SATURDAY: Read Jeremiah 29:7. Pray for our towns and communities. Pray that God will open your eyes to compassionate opportunities in your church, school, or community. 

Want to do more than pray?  Check out the Great Co-Mission Catalog!

Or read this article on ideas for reaching out during times of crisis.

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    1. It's Monday - and I prayed the Monday thing - thank you for that - thank you for what you're about to do too. I prayed for you guys too. Tht it all come together - in fulfillment of the "Monday thing" prayer. God Bless and keep you and all of yours Kelly.


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