Friday, April 08, 2011

Prayer Guide: Kampala International University

Jean Komline with her KIU ladies :)

Pray for KIU this week of Lent:
  • Through prayer you can water the harvest.  Perhaps the greatest need between seedtime and harvest is rain.  Spiritually, the said is the Word (Luke 8:11)- the Word is being preached to 600+ students at Kampala International University every Sunday.  Pray that the Holy Spirit would flow and bring the seed to life in each one present. 
  • Through prayer you can cultivate the crop.  The seed is sown and watered, and the tiny seedlings begin to spring up.  This is another critical time, when cultivation (discipleship) depends on your prayers.  Pray earnestly for God to protect the young believers. 
  • Through prayer you can influence world leaders.  Like the biblical heroes: Nehemiah, Esther, Daniel- you too can influence government officials through prayer!  And at KIU they are raising up business leaders, community leaders, and political leaders- perhaps even presidents!  Will you pray that they will choose Jesus for themselves, make decisions based in Scripture, and have courage and boldness to follow where He leads? 
**Read Luke 8:11-15 and pray through the Parable of the Sower on behalf of the students at Kampala International University this week- leave a comment to share how this parable shaped your prayer!**

PS-Seth is still recovering and is getting sick- so we're really strapped.  And we have a getaway planned for Josh and I to Ocean City... I hate to leave my sick baby- but we really do need a break.  So anyway- all that to say- pray for us! 

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