Monday, May 02, 2011

Delanco: the place my soul can breathe

there are some places where, like Joshua, you drag rocks up from the middle of the river and build an altar so that your children will know what a mighty God they serve.  Delanco Camp is one of those places for me where I have encountered the living God- a place of refuge I can to- the place I've made forever friends- and so this weekend as we said goodbye to this place, the people, and all it represents- until we return in the summer of 2013.  this list of gratitude.  these photos.  are my rocks of remembrance today.

#3668.  these trees- sentries standing at attention for generations
#3669.  bright blue patches of sky through the branches

#3670.  the distinctive smell of Delanco. pine. dust. mold. fresh air. the scent of history.
#3671.  these chairs where life on life transforms:  jokes are made.  games are played.  staff meetings held. classes pour Scripture into young lives. 
#3672.  my spiritual home amongst the sand and pines.

#3673.  hands raised in worship- praising You with dance.

#3674.  sand. sun. frisbees. sweat. glory.

#3675. watching their little feet jump from stone to stone.  history repeating itself

#3676.  supportive campers when tears spring up unannounced.

#3677.  an original building from the old camp
#3678.  sweets and a cold soda on a hot day

#3679.  these concrete walls that have seen it all.  have cooled warm bodies in the night.  have listened in on hushed midnight conversations.  have carved their way into my memory forever.

#3680.  the altar in the tabernacle.  marking spiritual milestones.  a place I've encountered the living God.  surrendered my will to His.  cried tears of repentance.

#3681.  this banner of holiness waving for generations.  a patchwork of history stitched by many hands.

#3682.  this boy falling in love with this place.

#3683.  walks around the lake.  heart conversations.  natural beauty creating space to meet God.
#3684.  little leaves in the sun.  nature's confetti!

#3685.  evening sun cascading through the tree.  Caleb says: "glorious."
#3686.  these two silly boys- loving this place.
#3687.  a quiet walk with my boys. savoring the beauty.

#3688.  heart friends made here that will stand the test of time.

#3689.  the words I needed from the mouths of babes, "I know it's hard, Mommy"
#3690.  Seth's precious hands brushing my tears away.
#3691.  being truly loved and sent from here out into the world
#3692.  a circle of prayer embracing us and releasing us.
#3693.  Your hands big enough to hold us- in You all things hold together!
#3694.  You- who are near to the broken-hearted.
#3695.  the lost and lonely souls in Uganda who make all this pain worth it,


  1. Thanks for stopping by. I am praying for your family (including mother and mother-in-law). I look forward to following this wonderous journey that God has called you on.

    I enjoyed reading your list. Especially # 3689.

  2. Dear Josh and Kelly, I believe God led you to my blog and vice versa. My brother is a long time missionary serving currently in Uganda. My own daughter and her family, (my two grandbabies too!), leave in September as missionaries to Ghana. I definitely know how hard this is for your mom and mom in law. I am starting a second blog, a "support group" blog if you will, called M{oms} O{f} M{issionaries}. If your mom or mom in law are online I would love for you to let them know. We could use the support of others who are walking in our shoes of letting our precious ones follow God's call.


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