Monday, May 09, 2011

He gives to all breath... and all things... so that they should seek the Lord, in hope that they might grope for Him and find Him, though He is not far from each of us; for in Him we live and move and have our being."-Acts 17:25, 27-28

This is my bedrock verse as we move to Uganda on Sunday. We move on SUNDAY!  Wow.  Who knew this day would ever actually get here?  We've begun the hard goodbyes.  And the enormous task of packing.  And it is actually here.

and we are grateful for how He has carried us thus far.

numbering gifts #3708-#3792 in the past week... not space enough for all the gratitude here... just some snapshots...

breathtaking moments. spectacular sunsets. fragrance of lilacs on the breeze. his arms slipping round my waist. savoring this beauty together.

rain pounding a staccato symphony on our windshield.  birthday picnic in the car.  an unhurried day with my man.  crossing things off our list.

Scott and Meg home!  my mom's kitchen.  30th birthday dinner for me.  family gathered round my mom's table.  tears choking a heartfelt prayer.  this woman who gives and gives.  her graciously lending us to the world.  a mother who should be celebrated everyday of the year.

a refreshing breeze cooling my fevered brow.  no one needing me this night while I'm sick.  Josh's awesome care of our boys.  not having to worry- he's got it under control.  staying in bed until 2pm- sleeping, rehydrating, watching Miss Congeniality.  quoting all the lines- alone- not annoying anyone. laughing out loud.  Josh's attentive care.  this hard eucharisteo- He is with me through it all- truly all the gift I need.

the sun. the sand. the surf.  family together on Mother's Day.  a few moments alone basking in the sun.  the pound of the surf- this ocean we will be flying over next week.  this moment at the edge of land and at the edge of transition- with You so very near.  walking this boardwalk one last time.  a glorious sunset over the bay.  little boy joy over arcade rides.  a little circle of prayer in the middle of the boardwalk.

intricate, vibrant underwater beauty.  this fragile moment.  being all here.  You. Here.  freedom and peace to walk into this hectic week hand in hand. 


  1. God's blessings on you as you prepare and journey forth! knowing that He goes before you, has prepared the way already, and has you in His ever capable hands. may you rest easy in His care and continue trusting in His promises. each and every day.
    thanks for sharing your blessings during what has to be a busy time!

  2. I pray for God's blessings upon you and your family as you go forth to spread the Good News in Uganda.

    The photos are lovely - I especially like the one of the lilacs.


  3. I could so feel your heart today as your listed even the hard things and found thankfuless in them. I thank you for your willingness to serve and to go. And I thank you for sharing the verse that you did. It really spoke to me today. Please keep your blog going as you minister in Uganda. I really want to follow along!

  4. Dear Kelly,

    Thank you for your visit today! I am adding you on my blogroll. We have friends adopting a baby from Uganda and I am going to send her your site. My brother is also a missionary to Indonesia. So happy to have found another sister. (Thanks to Ann) May God bless you and supply every need. I will be praying for you every day! ~ Ruth

  5. A beautiful list! Thanks for stopping by and saying Hi this week. Praying for peace and joy in your journey!

    Because it's all grace,


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